Sciyo vision

People from all cultures and walks of life having all the knowledge at their fingertips
Connectors and community builders within the sphere of science, equipped with innovative tools for connecting and sharing ideas
Values-based company fostering inclusion and accessibility, inspiring trust amongst its partners
Inspired community members, advocating open access to knowledge

Sciyo core commitments: what guides us in our daily actions

Commitment to authors

Authors are our partners. Everything we do is about supporting them - helping them in their quest for academic goals and professional growth, as well as building bridges towards new audiences where their work won't go unnoticed.

Commitment to quality

We aim to provide quality tools and infrastructure facilitating science communication. That means providing first-class peer reviewed literature compliant with the highest standards of scientific publishing and than making it freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world. It means increasing the productivity of the publishing workflow, making it highly efficient in every way.

Commitment to scientific community

No scientist is an island. That is why we are passionate about creating a welcoming environment which inspires engagement and collaboration. It's a place where people can share insights and exchange ideas; get access to first-class information and tools facilitating research. It means weaving a social fabric that creates cross-cultural connections from across the planet.

Commitment to science and free knowledge

People working on the leading edge of innovation thrive on access to new ideas and perspectives. Because one new idea can lead to a big change, we provide a platform where amazing ideas get connected to great audiences. The ultimate purpose is facilitating advancement in research, contributing to the progress of science and exploiting the totality of human potential.

Commitment to transparency and openness

Webs of trust are created out of honest, transparent communication. So we seek to establish an authentic and personal mode of communicating, inside and outside the company. We do this by being trustworthy and open when talking to our authors and asking for your input and feedback on issues of mutual importance.